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Full STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics) ahead parents and educators. Noony Learning has just launched a STEAM program that will give your children and students the curiosity in wanting to learn about STEAM. 

Noony Learning launched a book and curriculum that meet the STEM education certification standards. Look at what a 30 year professor said after reviewing this book;

1. Subjects

Science, Math, Technology, throughout, the book provides additional information on scientific and historical facts.

It engages the reader to seek additional information from many sources

2. 21 Century Skills

This book is packed with environmental facts and challenges readers to examine how they can contribute to improving the environmental for future generations.

It also engages the reader to become more aware of social and cultural impacts.  The main characters are female, which highlights the need to be more inclusive and recognize the contribution of women, especially in math, science and technology.

3. Content

The story line encourages the students to seek guidance from parents and educators. The topics of great mathematician, Greek mythology, scientific possibilities and social/emotional realities could be examined to enrich the reading experience.

4. Diversity

The book seamlessly highlights the interactions of young children with adults, professional and non-professionals within all different cultural diversities and races

5. Socialization

The reader is encouraged to examine the richness of friendships. It also allows for looking at respect and understanding

6. Technology

The devices that the children use are good examples of technology  that helps us to find answers by having more information. However, it does point out that the human mind must take the information gained and use it to make good decisions.

7. Hands-on Problem Solving

The problems solving booklets encourages student to learn key STEM points in the book. Decode messages, learn and research within the book scientific and historical facts.  

8. Career

The discussions about science, math, technology, engineering, etc. with parents and teachers can easily stem from the reading of the book. This can be a great tool to open up valuable discussion that could impact a child's path in life.

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We are very proud to have partners that share our same interest in STEAM for the development of young minds. If you or your company has a product in STEAM and would like to partner with us. Please contact us below.