My journey to the book launch

How a new writer faced off against all odds to launch a book to empower young girls.

Here is one of our many beautifully designed chapter headings from our book.

Writing your first book can be a daunting process. When the idea came to mind, I heard the noise from friends and family shouting back at me... "It's so hard", "Books don't make money", "You will not get it published", "You don't have a following nor the money", "It takes too much time", "You failed english in high school"....Blaaa, Blaaa,Blaaa and so on with the naysayers.

I heard the same noise in my head and then turned down the volume to a whisper. I knew full well they might be right but, also understood that those who tell you not to try have also abandoned their own dreams. My advice to you is to listen to that little voice inside yourself and ignore your fear. Initially, I did not intend to write a children's book, but I, like you was inspired by events and someone. ( More on this in my next article)

One Saturday morning, around 6:00 am with my trusty laptop in front of me and my beloved hot cup of espresso, I was ready to battle. I closed my eyes and saw the entire story unfold in my head, like an old Mickey Mouse, Disney movie. I opened my eyes and wrote the first chapter, which led to the second, and then the third chapter. After one week of vegging on the couch, my first draft of the manuscript was completed. There would be many more drafts to follow in the coming months. I let my family and friends read a copy, and much to my surprise they all uttered the same words after reading the manuscript.

"You wrote this?"... with a look of shock that slowly gazed over a puzzled expressionistic face.

That slowly turned into inspiration and they wanted to be a part of the project. One relative in particular, who loved the first draft and what it came to represent, generously contributed money to begin the publishing process. Over the course of a year, the "Noony" story slowly shifted from the digital glowing screen of my laptop, to a platform to help empower young girls.

Without ranting on, in my next article I will share with you my creative approach to storytelling and about marketing my book. Subscribe to my email list so I can share with you some valuable information that may help you in finding your book's story brand.

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