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Crisis Management



The most important aspect of crisis communication is the ability to obtain accurate information, analyze the facts and be in a position to respond as quickly as possible with a clear, informed response.  The period of time between when an event occurs and when the company gathers and organizes sufficient information to make an informed response, can often dictate the level of reputational impact any event can have. Organizations that are able to quickly catch up with the escalating flow of events that accompany all crisis situations and “get in front of” a breaking issue, are more apt to effectively manage these incidents and position themselves for a quick recovery. This generally requires some form of written, approved crisis/issues plan that is accessible to all key personnel.


The process of developing a crisis plan involves a collaborative approach whereby we utilize our established best practice methods to crisis communication and facilitate the process with the client to identify the critical information necessary to complete the plan. This information generally falls into two categories:


  1. Company-specific structure, culture and communications process: Every organization has a unique structure, culture and communications process and it is essential that the plan be crafted to the specific environment. Through a simple process of inquiry and discovery, we will map the key elements of the client to best tailor the plan and the crisis response procedures while ensuring they still adhere to best practice standards.

  2. Company-specific vulnerabilities: Working together and through research and peer-company analysis, we will identify the most significant and relevant potential crisis scenarios that the client could experience.  In addition, we will develop appropriate response plans for each vulnerability. 

Politics/ Celebrities/CEO

When your reputation is being attacked with information and misinformation about you, the media of choice is social media. Often staffers are ill equipped to handle this attack, our 24 hour surveillance of social media is overwhelming effective. Our team of reputation media monitors instantly respond to post attaching you with veracity on a pre planned out message. We have the ability to scale this service from  1 to 100 people though our intranet of social media monitors. If you are in the public eye you have to have a system in place and go on the offensive.  Case study often these engagements start at $100,000.00 but can be lower dependants on your individual situation. We also engage traditional news organization, radio, podcast and everything in between.


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