Marketing Code of Ethics 

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" We define success not only as meeting our clients marketing expectations but doing so in an ethical manner. Aligning your brand with the interest of the consumer." 

Noony Media's core principles behind the code are as follows:


• We will not market to children under 12 years because, based on scientific evidence, we believe they cannot identify and understand the persuasive intent of advertising


• We help our clients equip gatekeepers, like parents, with the information they need to make decisions about what is right for their children


• We are transparent about our marketing code compliance internally, externally and helping our clients do the same.


• We actively survey other industry players’ codes and marketing behavior to ensure that we help our clients are meeting and exceeding industry standards where it matters most


• We review and update our code every three years, to ensure that our commitments align with developments in the external environment and that our code remains a ‘living document'. 


• Apply stricter guidelines and governance on how we use your brand characters

• Reflect the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) in our digital marketing commitments